Who we are

This is a story about two sisters.  We’re Southerners interested in making things with our hands.

Kelly is the owner of a shop called Retro Modern Furnishings.

She takes retro furniture and gives it a new look, restoring its vintage style with a modern twist.  She also makes modern-style furniture by hand, using reclaimed and recycled materials.  A little bit about Kelly:  she is a multi-talented lady, ever modest, and ended up leaving a prestigious job in marketing to start up her own business, a life-long dream.

Megan is an avid baker, and cook, interested in bread-making, canning, cooking and all that fun stuff.  That’s me, right here.  I have two kids under the age of 3,so I am always on the search for kid-friendly activities.  A bit more about me:  I’m a military wife, just returned from living in Germany.  You will see me try to recreate the German delicacies I enjoyed, with a Southern twist.

This space will be a hodge podge of all things we love.  I hope you will enjoy and keep reading.


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