Casserole, delicious!

Home cooked meals have a sense of the past in them.  In our modern era, it’s easy and convenient for us to frequent restaurants, get take out, or slap together a quick meal.  It is a privilege to live in a time and place where most of us have easy accessibility to quality food that is often prepared for us

But it is undeniable that there is an allure to the made from scratch cooking so many don’t have time for.  I grew up without many cooking skills. My mother actually did a lot of cooking, but I didn’t really learn how to cook until I was in my 20s, with the exception of my interest in baking things like a nice yellow cake with chocolate icing or peanut butter cookies, something along those lines.

I hit a point during the first year of marriage when frozen pizzas weren’t cutting it, and we didn’t have the money to eat out constantly on a grad student and bank teller salary.  So, I turned to Rachael Ray.  The woman famous for her high-energy presentation of pretty decent meals (and yummo! evoo!) made cooking seem accessible.  So, with her help, I whipped together some pretty delicious food, my favorite, the casserole.

What’s your favorite casserole?


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