Helpful Hamburger – homemade versions of boxed classics

So, I decided to make an updated version of Hamburger Helper.

You remember the dubiously creepy hand that bounced around on tables, driving fear into the hearts of women, men and children alike.  No?  Let me remind you:

Yeah, you saw how startled the dad was when he saw that hamburger hand man bounce out at him.

Anyways, back to my cooking experiment.  I’ve seen some remakes of the old boxed meal classic, giving the boxed meal a homemade look, and these blogs have made this meal look more appetizing than it actually is.  In their defense, I guess one needs to realize that cheese, hamburger and noodles will not make the most flavorful meal.

2014 2015 846

I followed Iowa Girl Eats’ recipe to a T:

The pluses:  It was so easy!  Seriously easy.  Also very affordable.  I used whole wheat noodles, organic milk and grass-fed beef, so it was wholesome.

Minuses:  Not a lot of flavor.  It wasn’t bad, it wasn’t my favorite, though.  I do believe it was a close approximation of the boxed meal.

So the verdict:  if you like Hamburger Helper, try it.

Whatever your hamburger preferences, try making a homemade version of one of your favorites.  Stay tuned for my macaroni and cheese recipe.


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